Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

After my long blogging strike... I've decided to back to blogging.  I'm not sure why I take long breaks from blogging, sometimes it just takes me a while to get into it. While on strike,  it has been a fun summer of Rangers baseball, traveling to Seattle and Vancouver B.C., raising baby wood ducks, and swimming to beat the 100+ degree heat. It was a wonderful summer!

This weekend past weekend I made a birthday cake for my neighbor and her friend, both having their Sweet 16th Birthday. A very exciting birthday for anyone! A day where you are finally legal to drive and the freedom to go to your friends homes or just out with your friends without your parents having to take you! We had a fun evening of celebrating...eating out, doing a scavenger hunt and eating cake!

I made a 3-tier topsy turvy cake with polka dots, zebra print and stripes. My inspiration for the cake came from the Pink Cake Box.  

Happy Sweet 16 Alexis & Karagan!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Wood Ducks-10 days old

The baby wood ducks are now 10 days old! The ducks are eating and drinking well. Along with the eating and drinking comes a lot of, well, ducky doo. With 17 of them you can imagine how much there is! Hopefully within the next week to 10 days we can move them to a larger cage, if they don't out-grow this one first. The ducks are really starting to show their colors more and they're moving quicker too! When we clean the cage we have had a hard time catching them sometimes! The girls are still very curious when we clean their cage. We usually place them in another cage and set them on the floor and the girls lay very close and just watch them, its really funny to watch them interact.

Baby Wood Ducks--1 day old

Baby Wood Ducks--10 days old

Baby Wood Ducks

I'm re-posting this from last Wednesday since Blogger can't seem to restore it. The draft that was saved had about half of what I had written, I had added a few more things and now they are gone and I guess will not be restored. It's not exactly the same since I can't remember everything I wrote, but here's most of it....

WOW! It has been a crazy 24-48 hours around our house! In my previous post , I shared the girls swimming in the pool for the first time. Then the same night, Sunday night, we went next door with our neighbors to look at the baby geese that had hatched a few days ago.  I couldn't believe how big they were already! They were swimming and following the momma goose like they were already weeks old.  Then we went to check the wood duck houses we have around our place to see if any eggs were inside.  When we opened the door, the momma duck flew away and we found that there were eggs inside.  We decided to leave them and come back the next day, Monday, to get the eggs and put them in an incubator.  Tuesday afternoon, my neighbor and I went to  check the same duck house to gather the eggs.  We opened the door to the house and a baby duck literally jumps out at us! We couldn't believe it! We had just checked the night before and the house was full of eggs and now there are baby ducks everywhere! 
 I really wish we had a video of our reaction! You have to picture us, one on a ladder and the other holding the bucket that we have to place the eggs in. Then scrambling trying to get the door shut so the others do not fall out while trying to get the other one that had fallen out back in the house. You can imagine how surprised we were when the night before we had eggs and then not even 20 hours later we had 17 baby ducks jumping around! One of the baby ducks was not even an hour old, still wet and having difficulty moving around. Since neither one of us was prepared for the ducklings, we frantically called our husbands for support. I can not emphasize enough how unprepared we were for the eggs to have already hatched!

We finally got the cage put together with the bedding, food, water and the baby ducks inside. They didn't settle down for quite a while, chirping and climbing the walls like crazy . We decided to introduce the dogs individually so they could to get used to them being inside. As you would expect, Polar Bear was scared while Hershey and Sissy were the most curious, trying to figure what all the commotion was about.

Polar Bear's first time to see the ducks.
Sissy's first time to see the ducks.

Hershey's first time to see the ducks.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Oopsy

For some reason Blogger has had some issues the past couple of days. Click here for more info. The post I made on our Baby Wood Ducks has been removed, but should be restored soon, I hope. If not, the draft I made does not have all of the finished pictures and text in it, and I can not remember what I added. Hopefully Blogger will restore my post and I will not have to worry about it! Hope everyone has a Happy Friday the 13th and a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's Go For a Swim!

 Since we moved to our house, we have purposely kept the girls out of the pool. We figured once we introduced it, we would not be able to keep them out. So far they have not tried to jump back in. Hershey is a water dog and would stay in the water all day if we'd let her. The others took a little coaxing to get in, but once they got the hang of it, I think they had a lot of fun. We had four tired pups when swim time was over.

Hershey~Roscoe~Sissy~Polar Bear

 I have a feeling we are going to have wet dogs until October!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Owl Cake

This past week I made a birthday cake for a 1 year old. It was a strawberry cake with cream cheese filling, buttercream icing with fondant decorations. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcakes

A few weeks ago I made a pit stop by Sprinkles Cupcakes. I was craving their Red Velvet cupcakes, yum yum! While I was there, I picked up four doggie cupcakes. When I decided to give the treats to the girls and Roscoe, I was really wishing I had made videos of everyone eating them instead of taking pictures. So, I apologize now for all of the pictures, but I think its still funny looking at them!

 Did someone say "treat"?

Sissy is trying to sneak a bite before she is told she can have it.

Sissy is eye-balling her sisters while guarding her cupcake.

 Hershey's trying to make a b-line for hers.

 I think Hershey is going to sneak a bite!

Hershey got her tongue on it before I told her No.

Everyone is waiting patiently.

Polar Bear is scheming.

Tired of being told "NO!"

Polar Bear eying Hershey's cupcake.

Roscoe finally gets to eat his cupcake.

 Sissy's turn..... 

Didn't get a picture of Sissy eating hers, I think I was side-tracked telling someone else NO.

Now Polar Bear finally gets to eat her cupcake.


Polar didn't know what to do with it. She kept licking it and it would turn over. I would sit it up again and she would turn it over again and again. We did this several times until she gave up for a few minutes before she finally ate it.

Hershey didn't mess around! Once I said she could have it, it was gone in one bite!